Courses Offered

Classes For Beginners

Crazy Mirrors

Choose from three fun shapes in this crazy colorful mosaic class. We use a variety of glass, tile and nuggets to create a wild, wonderful mirror. Dianne will help you design and create your mirror.

All materials are provided, although you are always welcome to bring some of your own items. Select the shape of your mirror when you register, and it will be cut and ready for you on the first day of class.

Intermediate Level: Prior mosaic experience recommended.

Sun-Shiny Stepping Stones

This popular beginner’s class returns this fall season. Create a beautiful mosaic with glass tesserae on a 12″ square concrete stepping stone.

Dianne will cover all of the basic mosaic how-to’s in this two-session class, from choosing a unique design, learning how to use the various cutting tools, choosing your glass and a color palette, adhering tiles, and grouting and finishing for the extremes of the outdoors.

No Prior experience necessary. All materials are provided.

Treasured Trivets

This is a great one-session class for absolute beginners, or anyone looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon! We will create a 6×6″ mosaic trivet using glass tiles our new recycled ElemenTiles, stained glass, AND our exclusive hand-painted Artisan Glass. If we all work efficiently, we’ll even be able to grout during the same session! You’ll go home with a finished project that you can display proudly, or give as a very impressive hand-made gift.

All required materials are included. Light refreshments will be served.


Create a beautiful glittery mosaic ornament for your tree, or gift-giving. You’ll have the most unique ornament at your ornament exchange this season!

All materials will be provided in this fun one-evening class.

Beginner level. No prior experience needed

Mosaic Treasure Boxes

Create an absolutely beautiful mosaic top for a decorative box. Embellish your Treasure Box with stained glass, tile, our new recycled glass ElemenTiles and glass beads! You’ll create a gorgeous work of art that will be perfect for holiday gift giving!

Beginner Level. No prior mosaic experience needed. All materials are included. You are encouraged to bring jewelry or trinkets to embellish your box if you want to add a little more “bling”! Light refreshments will be served.

Marvelous Mirrors!

AN INTENSIVE ONE-WEEKEND CLASS FOR BEGINNERS with Dianne Sonnenberg. Create a stunning mosaic mirror in this one-weekend class. Learn the basics of mosaics: cutting, design, choosing materials, using adhesive, and grouting. Patterns, designs and materials will be provided.

No prior mosaic experience necessary.

Mosaic Mandala & Sacred Geometry

DIANNE’S MOST POPULAR MOSAIC COURSE FOR INTERMEDIATE LEVEL/ ADVANCED MOSAIC ARTISTS. This class is an Artisan Stained Glass favorite, and usually fills quickly. We will learn how to effectively use tools such as compasses, protractors and calipers to enhance our design capabilities, and will create a beautiful mosaic mandala. The main focus of this workshop will be the elements of mandala design. A mandala is a round geometric design, with or without spiritual or religious significance.

Participants will gain the abilities to create beautiful mandala designs on their own. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring any special materials you want to incorporate. The book “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” by Michael S. Schneider, is used as a reference source in this class, and will be available for purchase in the shop.

Intermediate Level: Prior mosaic experience is recommended, as we will not be covering basic mosaic processes in this class. Light refreshments will be provided on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Lunch is on your own on Saturday and Sunday (so bring a lunch, order in, or go to one of the many nearby restaurants or grab a ready-made meal or salad from HEB or Whole Foods before you come in the morning).

Christmas Ornaments

This one day session will get you in the mood for the holidays. We’ll foil, solder and patina a beautiful beveled or cut glass ornament AND send you home with a packet of designs you can build in your home studio.

Introduction to Themed Mosaics

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at mosaics but didn’t know where to begin – this class is for you! We’ll create framed mosaics in small, manageable sizes (either 6″x6″ or 8″x8″). You’ll be introduced to a variety of materials and tools as you complete this fun project in 2 sessions.

Project theme is “Key Strokes” and all materials are provided with the exception of embellishments, and for this class KEYS are the embellishment. Bring your spare keys, rusted, bent, shiny – it doesn’t matter. We’ll work them into a project similar to the one shown in the photograph.

Mosaic Garden Globes

This very popular class returns, just in time to create a beautiful mosaic globe to add to your spring garden landscape. We will create 6″ round mosaic globes using stained glass, glass tile, and glass nuggets. You will be provided with all of the materials you’ll need, including globe, glass, glue and grout!

Beginner/Intermediate Level: prior mosaic experience is not required. Lunch on your own on Saturday (bring a lunch, order in, or go to one of the many nearby restaurants).

Mixed Media Mosaic Birdhouses

Decorative Birdhouses are the perfect substrate for mixed media and piqué assiette mosaics. We will explore the wonderful world of mosaic materials in this class. Broken china (piqué assiette), old family heirlooms, jewelry, keys, and other weird, crazy materials can be used in this class.

We will provide a wide range of options, but encourage you to bring many of your own! We will provide the basics, and the birdhouse surface to tile onto. We will guide you through all the steps from beginning to finished mosaic! This is a class for many skill levels. Come ready to play and have fun with your project!

Beginner/Intermediate Level: prior mosaic experience is not required, but is helpful, because this class is more challenging than typical beginner classes.

Landscapes In Mosaic: An Exploration of Color, Texture and Depth

In this new class, participants will choose a landscape to create in mosaic, either from a photo, or their own design. We will learn about many different types of Andamento (the way you arrange your tiles), as well as ways to create texture in your mosaics using different materials. We will explore many ways to use color, andamento and texture to create depth of field. You will have access to a very broad range of materials, including Smalti, millefiori, Italian tile, stained glass, mirror, unglazed porcelain and much more! We will provide a 12×16″ MDF substrate.

Intermediate Level: prior mosaic experience is recommended, as we will not be covering basic mosaic processes in this class.

Bejeweled Mosaic Vases

NEW for 2013! This 10-hr course is all about curves! You’ve got ‘em, we’ve got ‘em and so do our substrates for this class. Clear glass vases will be used as the substrate, on which we’ll design and adhere all sorts of materials to create a unique project. If you’ve always wanted to do a 3D project, here’s a good one to get you started. Everything is included to make this fascinating project.

Tapestry Mirrors

This is a fun intro to the art of mosaics. In this 3 week class, make a lovely 10″ mosaic mirror using stained glass, glass tile, beads, ball chain, glass nuggets, and other materials you may choose to bring from home. You will learn basic mosaic cutting, layout, adhesion and grouting, along with tips on design and color. As an added bonus, you will have the opportunity to use two types of grout: tinted sanded grout, and our fabulous SpectraLock Epoxy Dazzle grout.

Building Blocks

Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Copper foil students.
Registration is $165 plus tools and materials.

You’ve seen this piece in the gallery and now you can make one of your very own. This panel 17” square panel takes a quilt pattern into stained glass with amazing results! During the introduction “Deconstructing a Structured Design” session (optional) the instructor will take you through the steps to create your own pattern. You’ll learn how to deconstruct the overall design into individual components, creating them on graph paper then assembling them into a full size pattern.

If you can’t make the Introduction session, you’ll get a full size pattern in the first class you can use. Although this design has 246 pieces, if you have a Morton Portable Glass Shop or similar grid cutting system, you can easily cut all pieces in a 2 hour session. Bring your grid system to the first class session (not the Introduction session) and we’ll show you how you can create this piece (as well as many, many others) quickly and accurately. There will be one studio provided system available. Don’t have a grid cutting system? You can pre-order a Morton Portable Glass Shop and grid system when you register for the class and receive 10% off the retail price.

Lotus Flower

Suitable for all levels with basic glass cutting skills
Registration is $130 and includes all materials and use of studio tools. Feel free to bring your own tools if you prefer.

This is a great introduction to 3D work! In 2 Saturday sessions you’ll build a beautiful 3 dimensional Lotus flower candle cup. The first session is all about cutting and preparing the petals for assembly. The second session you’ll assemble the candle cup with our detailed instruction, learning how to create a gorgeous and solid 3D glass art piece.

Texas in Glass

Suitable for all skill levels. No experience required.
Registration is $165 plus tools and materials. Plan to spend approximately $50 on materials. Tools can be rented for a onetime fee of $40.

This is a nice project for anyone wanting to work in the Leading method of stained glass. You’ll use bevels and jewels for the round pieces (or not!) and lots of clear glass (or not!) to make this a local favorite. We’ll take you through the entire process of creating this wonderful 15″ square project. You’ll choose and purchase the glass of your choice in the first class. If you have glass at home, bring it in! We’re happy to have you use what you have to create new art!

This is really easy to do using the Morton Portable Glass Shop or similar grid cutting system. If you have one, bring it to class. We have one system in the studio for use, or pre-order yours when you register for the class.

Preservation Designs

Suitable for all skill levels. No experience required, although students new to the leaded stained glass process should expect to spend significant time outside of class to complete the project.
Registration is $165 plus tools and materials. Plan to spend approximately $75 on materials. Tools can be rented for a onetime fee of $40.

Students will spend 6 weeks building this 16” round leaded piece. Glass choices are up to the student and will be chosen and purchased on the first day of class. Students are welcome to bring glass from home, but will receive a 10% discount on any materials purchased at the studio.

This is a great piece to practice cutting curves! Build up your skill set and add this lovely piece to your collection. This is just one design from the book Preservation Designs, Volume 1, available for purchase.

Fly! ButterFLY!



Suitable for all skill levels. No experience required, although students new to the Copper Foiling stained glass process should expect to spend time outside of class to complete the project.
Registration is $165 plus tools and materials. Plan to spend approximately $50 on materials. Tools can be rented for a onetime fee of $40.

Students will choose one of 3 butterfly designs that support all skill levels. We’ll teach every step of the process from selecting glass, cutting it, applying copper foil, soldering and adding hooks. The finished project is a butterfly approximately 20” wide that will add delightful color to any window.

Project Dust Off

You’ve got ‘em and you know you do – those projects you’ve started but never finished for one reason or another. We’ve set aside 2 hour blocks throughout the year for you to dust off these half-finished projects, bring them into the studio along with your tools and supplies so you can work alongside our instructors to check them off your list.

Registration is $20 for each 2 hours session. Advanced Registration is required.

Important notes concerning all classes:

All students must wear closed toe shoes to every class meeting – NO EXECTPTIONS.
All students receive 10% off materials during course.

2014 Visiting Instructors

Martin Cheek – Mosaic Your Pet
February 15 and 16, 2014

dogThis course aims to make the student think about the character and personality of your pet. It asks: What is your mosaic about?…and I don’t just mean – a cat or a dog…WHAT is it about that particular cat or dog that you are trying to say? What effect do you want your mosaic to have upon the viewer? What emotional response are you trying to achieve?
If, for example, you are trying to provoke laughter by making a funny mosaic, then the ENTIRE mosaic should be funny – not just the fish, but the coral, the starfish and the shells surrounding the fish should also be funny. Everything should contribute to the whole, like building up points of fact in an argument.

You know your pet as well as you know any person–so let’s see if we can capture him or her in your mosaic!The course is suitable for those who are fairly new to the wonderful craft of mosaic making, and also for those who are experienced, to further develop their personal style and creativity.Participants will design and work on a mosaic 12″ x 8″ or 12” x 12” or 12” x 16″ using a combination of traditional glass smalti, glass tile, millefiori and Martin’s handmade glass fusions.The courses include a combination of informative lectures and slide shows, showing how he injects character into his mosaic creations. Martin will give demonstrations and individual help to assist you in creating a mosaic full of character and personality.

When: Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16, 2014

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm daily

Where: Artisan Stained Glass Studio, 10700 Anderson Mill Rd.

Cost: $ 340 per weekend course


Priceless instruction by the Mosaic Maestro, MDF substrate (12×8″ or 12×12″ or 12×16″), Weldbond glue, smalti and other glass elements, and 4 ounces of fusions (think postcard in size) by Martin Cheek.

Does not include:

CatAdditional materials that you may need to customize your mosaic, such as additional fusions, and millefiori. Martin’s handmade glass fusions will be available (approximately $30 per 100g). You may also commission a fusion from Martin. Contact us for more details on how to have a custom fusion created just for you. NOTE: deadline to order is January 15, 2014.
Check out his Facebook page and website for more details. Please note: Martin’s custom fusions are not cheap, nor should they be. They are works of art by a world-renowned artist!
You can see lots of examples of Martin’s fusions in his own work on his website: or on his Facebook page: Martin has added a Facebook album for each of the courses on his last US tour in 2012. – Simply go to his album page.
Here’s the link:

After the courses the students send Martin pics of their finished mosaics. These are displayed in a separate album of their own. Here’s the link:

About Martin Cheek:
Martin Cheek has written six best-selling books on mosaics, including his newest book, “Fused Glass Mosaics”, published in 2012. He has been making mosaics professionally for 30 years. Martin graduated in graphic design from Exeter College of Art & Design in 1981. Having made award winning films as a student, he subsequently worked on several puppet animation projects including ‘The Wind in the Willows’ ‘Paddington Bear’ ‘Noddy in Toyland’ and ‘Portland Bill’. He then set up his own production company, Cheeky Films Ltd. For many years Martin wads a part time lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and is a former art critic for the Daily Express. He now works full time as a professional mosaic artist. Martin is regularly commissioned by both private and corporate clients as well as by museums. His work also appears in leading National magazines and newspapers as well as on television.

Martin has tutored workshops in the UK, USA, Turkey, France, Holland, Greece, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. His weekend courses in the UK and abroad continue to be popular with students from all over the world keen to learn the art of making mosaic. Over 2000 people have now attended Martin’s courses. In April 2008 Martin was the keynote speaker at the international conference of SAMA – The Society of American Mosaic held in Miami, Florida. In 2011 keynote speaker at the international conference of MAANZ – The Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand held in the Barossa Valley.

Erin Prankratz-Smith
Everything Colour Workshop

April 26 and 27, 2014

Penance (detail) Erin Pankratz-SmithErin Prankratz-Smith brings her Everything Colour workshop to Artisan Stained Glass!

Students will learn how to mix tinted mortars, and explore different ways to incorporate them as part of their overall design by using them in their backgrounds, and as a decorative adhesive. Students will do this by creating 4 separate abstract 4″ x 4″ ungrouted pieces that utilize colour gradation, colour in context, and/or colour blocking. Using a variety of different tesserae students will have the opportunity to see how subtle colour changes and textures create depth and visual interest. It is a very experimental class designed to get people trying new ideas and expanding their idea of mosaic. In addition, there we will be discussion on technical constraints, and on incorporating traditional techniques as well.
Spectrum Gradient Erin Pankratz-Smith

This is a “pushing the envelope” class, people will come away with samples of new ways of working with materials and a greater sense of playfulness which is a key to creativity.

Registration is $355 and includes:

  • 4 substrates (4” x 4” MDF)
  • Grey and white thin set
  • ½ lb of assorted vitreous tiles, stained glass, and smalti
  • Use of scratching tools (Bamboo skewers, dental tools, plastic putty knives/scrapers, mosaic spatulas, tweezers, straws, pencils, etc.)
  • Lecture by Erin Prankratz-Smith

Lecture includes; basic colour theory, colour in context, gradations, colour blocking, shading (explanation of tint and shade), colour cohesion, and many examples of all. The lecture ends with an introduction to mixing tinted mortars and their applications.

"Therapy with sharp edges" ~ Artisan Stained Glass